The METALWORKING (mechanical working, machining, mechanical processing) of ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics machining


Technolit Int. uses a complete production cycle of parts and components, from cutting, forging and heat treating to final metalworking.

We offer different kinds and stages of metalworking and plastics machining:

  • metal milling, boring, planing and plastics processing on milling machines, screw-cutting lathes and planing machines of different sizes and powers;
  • gear cutting and gear shaping on gear milling and shaping machines and gear planers;
  • polishing (grinding) of metals on surface grinding, circular grinding and internal grinding machines.

Metalworking (grinding) by Technolit Int.
Metalworking by Technolit Int.
Finished parts after metalworking by Technolit Int.
Metalworking by Technolit Int.

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