Technolit Int. – company profile, certificates and awards


The manufacturing company Technolit Int. is a European company that was established over 10 years ago by the professionals who possessed practical and theoretical knowledge in the fields of blacksmithing, metallurgy, materials science, and metalworking.

At present the company produces forgings and stampings of the European level, uses a complete production cycle of parts and components from cutting blanks, forging, stamping, heat treating to final metalworking.

Technolit Int. has partners among leading enterprises in Ukraine and in the countries of CIS (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan), European Union, Middle East and Asia (Turkey, UAE, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

In-shop processes at the Technolit facilities: forging, stamping, heat treating and metalworking
Customized open die forging

Company’s CEO and management:

  • CEO – Mikhail Dorofeyev.
  • Marketing Director – Konstantin Natashov.


The manufacturing company Technolit Int. benefits from its unsophisticated managing structure which increases the company’s mobility and allows to quickly adjust to the market changes and use more flexible approach to its customers.

  • complete production cycle from cutting blanks, forging, stamping, heat treating to final metalworking,
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management system,
  • short turnaround time,
  • forgings and stampings with minimal allowances,
  • high level service,
  • trustworthy partnership,
  • search for interesting and mutually profitable solutions.

The manufacturing company Technolit Int. is the prize-winner of the national contest “Vysshaya Proba” (the highest standard) for implementing modern technologies and producing forged and stamped parts of the highest quality.

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