Metals polishing (grinding)

Polishing (grinding) entails the following operations:

  • detaching, sectioning and cutting the blanks,
  • tight tolerance grinding of planes, the grinding of surfaces of revolution, gear teeth, helical and profiled surfaces, etc.,
  • various instruments sharpening.

Polishing (grinding) is done on grinding machines which remove the layers of metal from a blank surface with the very high precision. Those blanks are normally polished after being preliminary machined on other machine-tools with the allowances for polishing considered. The allowance dimensions depend on the required accuracy class of an item, its dimensions, etc.

The current situation shows that lathes and milling machines tend to be replaced by more effective grinding machines, both for preliminary grinding and final polishing. It has become possible due to the improvement of preliminary operations such as rolling, stamping and precision casting.

Machining on plain grinders (horizontal grinding) by Technolit Int.
Machining on circular grinders by Technolit Int.

Technolit Int. uses the following metal polishing (grinding) equipment:

Plain grinders (with rectangular table and horizontal spindle) for polishing (grinding) of flat surfaces of different parts with the help of a grinding disk (its periphery).

Table surface dimensions, mm (in)
Accuracy class Main drive power, kW
Overall dimensions, mm (in)
Grinder weight, kg (lbs)
1000 320 (39.37 x 12.5984)
3300 2020 2290 (129.921 x 79.5274 x 90.1573) 7100 (15652.66)

Internal grinding machines for internal polishing (grinding) of metal blanks.

Diameter of polished holes, mm (in)
Disk speed, m/s (in/s)
Diameter of a mounted blank, and of a blank in casing (bic), mm (in) Power, kW Overall dimensions, mm (in) Weight, kg (lbs)
5-150 (0.19685-5.9055) 20-42 (0.7874-1.65354) max 400, bic 250 (15.748, bic 9.8425)
4 2815 1900 1750 ( 110.82655x 74.803 x 68.8975) 4300 (9479.78)

Circular grinding machines for the external polishing (grinding) of conic and cylindrical outer surfaces of a metal blank.

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