Gear cutting and shaping

Technolit Int. renders a full range of gear cutting and shaping services using its own machine tools (gear milling and shaping machines).

Gear cutting and shaping processes include:

  • milling external/internal spur gears,
  • milling external/internal helical gears, worm and gear sets.

The company also produces spur, worm, cylindrical gears, etc.

Gear cutting and shaping by Technolit Int.
Gear shaping and cutting by Technolit Int.

The line of machine tools used for gear cutting and gear shaping (machining of metal and plastics) consists of:

Gear-milling machines for metalworking of external/internal spur gears, external/internal helical gears, worm gears.

The machining is provided for the blanks with diameters ranging from 3 mm to 3000 mm.

Tooth width, mm (in)
max 1000 (39.37)
Pitch, mm (in)
30 (1.1811)
Hole diameter, mm (in)
max 500 (19.685) Hole depth, mm (in) max 1000 (39.37)
Helix angle
Table, mm (in) max 2400 (94.488)
Milling cutter, mm (in) max 350 (13.7795) Milling cutter length, mm (in) max 450 (17.7165)

Gear-milling machines for metalworking of spur, helical, and worm gears. They are used for metalworking in cases of medium batch and mass production.

Module, mm (in) max 10 (0.3937)
Diameter of a worm gear, mm (in) max 800 (31.496)
Cutting depth of a spur gear, mm (in)
Spur gear tooth, mm (in) 90 800 (31.496)
Helical gear tooth, mm (in) 30 500 (19.685)
45 350 (13.7795)
60 190 (7.4803)

Gear-milling automatic machines for metalworking of worm gears of up to 750 mm (in) in diameter.

Module, mm (in) in regular mode
max 6 (0.23622)
in reduced mode
max 8 (0.31496)
Diameter of a spur gear in process, mm (in) with counter-support
max 450 (17.7165)
without counter-support
max 750 (29.5275)
Cutting depth of a spur gear, mm (in) 275 (10.82675)

Gear-shaping semiautomatic machines (vertical) for metalworking of parts. External/internal spur gears are produced by stroking a blank with gear shaping cutter.

Module, mm (in) 8 (0.31496)
Diameter of a blank in process, mm (in) 500 (19.685)

Gear-shaping high-speed machines for metalworking of external/internal spur gears, crossed helical gears (the spindle has a threaded taper).

Module, mm (in) 4 (0.15748)
Outside diameter of spur gears
Module, mm (in) min 12 (0.47244)
max 208 (8.18896)
Outside diameter of crossed helical gears, mm (in)
30 190 (7.4803)
45 190 (7.4803)
Internal gear tooth milling, mm (in) 210 (8.2677)

Gear-shaping machines for metalworking that involve external and internal slotting of flat and profiled surfaces, rabbets and grooves, and gear-shaping with the undercut of up to 10.

Gear semi-automatic planers for metalworking of straight bevel gears through the finish and rough gear cutting.

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