Crane wheels sorbitizing

Sorbitizing is a special type of steel heat treatment when steel is heated above the upper critical temperature and then cooled at the rate of 100-600 C/min or 212-1112 F/min (either under the air stream or inside the liquid medium heated to 300-500 C or 572-932 F).

Technolit Int. offers sorbitizing of crane wheels at its facilities.

Crane wheels and component parts  crane wheels sorbitizing by Technolit Int. Crane wheels after forging, sorbitizing and machining.

Sorbitizing is required to make the structure of sorbite or troostite homogeneous with the enhanced strength and wear resistance. The process is used in the treatment of crane wheels, rails, gear shafts and other products, should they meet high standards.

Sorbitizing adds high wear resistance to crane wheels and leaves the hub ductile.

Technolit Int. performs the sorbitizing of crane wheels of up to 900 mm (35.433 in) in diameter and with the weight of 1000 kg (2204.6 lbs).

Crane wheels sorbitizing is the most efficient method of heat treatment that has considerable advantages over bulk or high-frequency currents hardening, according to experts.

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