Artistic forged products and components from Technolit Int. are unique artworks and blank parts that help decorate both your house and its premises, either your apartment or courtyard. Our art products can satisfy whatever design you can imagine so your café or bar would attain a medieval aspect.

Artistic forged products are not only beautiful but also durable and long living. This is something made for ages! One could hardly find a forged table with a cracked leg. Unlike wooden products or office chairs, the forged items have no fastened elements or hollow metal pipes. The forged products are solid and secure. The 13-14th century furniture of European castle museums still looks well preserved and refined. The elements of artistic forged products are never given to rust nor destruction.

Artistic forging: fence and forged components
Artistic forging: forged sectional fencing

We offer the following products:

  • forged gates,
  • welded gates,
  • forged trellises,
  • welded trellises,
  • forged shades,
  • welded shades,
  • forged handrails,
  • forged railings,
  • welded railings,
  • forged fence,
  • welded fence,
  • lawn railings,
  • grills,
  • interior items,
  • forged and welded parts of any complexity.

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