Forging, stamping, heat treating and metalworking Technolit International!

As an industry leader Technolit Int. uses a complete production cycle and supplies its metal products throughout the world! We perform all types of works from cutting metal blanks, forging (hot stamping), heat treating to final metalworking! All you need to do is make an order, receive the quotation and get your end product within established terms.

The company features include:

Heat treatment and metalworking add to the top quality of FORGING and STAMPING.

Areas of expertise:

The line of forging and stamping equipment of Technolit Int. includes:

  • pneumatic hammer with 400 kg, 600 kg (881.84 lbs, 1322.76 lbs) force,
  • pneumatic hammer with 1000 kg (2204.6 lbs) force,
  • pneumatic hammer with 2000 kg (4409.2 lbs) force,
  • pneumatic hammer with 3000 kg (6613.8 lbs) force,
  • forging manipulator of up to 1500 kg (3306.9 lbs) capacity,
  • crank hot forging press (CHFP) of 1800 kg (3968.28 lbs) capacity,
  • crank hot forging press (CHFP) of 2500 kg (5511.5 lbs) capacity,
  • 160 and 180 metric tons (157.472 long tons or 352736 lbs and 177.156 long tons or 396828 lbs) friction presses,
  • furnaces and HFC equipment,
  • metal millers, planers, lathes, grinders.

Forgings and hot stampings of the highest quality are available in varied assortment. The company produces forged wheels, shafts, blocks, shear knives, step-down shafts, eye bolts, rivets, gears, gear shafts, axles, and timber dogs.

All products of Technolit Int. are manufactured from duly certified steels as attested by the appropriate documentation. The most popular steel grades used for forging are 45, 40, 40, 40, 65, 42, 20, 092, 5, 52, 25. The company also uses tool steels 8, 10, 9, 12, 52, 62, 45, stainless steels 121810, 0813-4013, and nonferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum).

Artistic forging is another line of business which is developed intensively by the company. High-quality metal art products made by a qualified blacksmith have always attracted with their longevity, durability and stylish look.

Technolit Int. has established strong ties with the CIS countries (Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan), as well as with the countries of European Union, Middle East and Asia (Turkey, UAE, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

The export of forged and stamped parts is made subject to the conditions EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CPT, CIP, DAP, DAT and DDP (according to INKOTERMS 2010), and, upon agreement with the customer, by any type of transport (air, railway, motor transport), by shipping companies or by self-delivery. Also the processing is possible under the Processing within Customs Territory of Ukraine customs regime.

Traditionally, Technolit Int. is anxious to fulfill whatever order in the shortest possible time. And forging, stamping and metalworking are sure to be performed with minimal allowances!